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3 DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe For a Beautiful Skin

Did you buy different facial scrub and the effects were not satisfactory?
It is high time to start using some homemade treatments that have better effects than those in supermarkets or beauty salons. The natural scrub we recommend are based on sugar and you can use as much as you like because you won’t get fat:)) but you’ll get a shiny skin and you’ll feel as a new-born. So, reinvigorate your face skin with sugar!
Ingredients you need:
– one tablespoon of sugar
– half a cup of oil (olive oil, almond oil, sunflower oil, grapes oil etc)

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How to prepare the sugar scrub
You need a ceramic bowl in which you put first the sugar then pour the oil, (not the whole quantity at the same time, but as for mayonnaise). Take a wooden spatula and mix the ingredients until you get a normal consistency (not very dry but also not very juicy). Keep the scrub in a pot and put it in the  refrigerator until you need it.
How to use it
It is recommended to use this scrub not more than two times a week, otherwise you’ll get a dry skin. Women with sensitive skin should use it only once, when it is necessary.
Apply the scrub all over your face, neck and low-neck and massage gently, making circular movements, because you don’t want to damage your skin, do you?
3 DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe For a Beautiful Skin

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