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Best Way To Take a Bath Using Natural Plants

A plants based bath – the dream of every woman.
Being a mother is a great thing but on the other hand it is very difficult to find some free time only for yourself.
However, you will certainly find some time to go to the market and to buy some plants that will make your life more beautiful.
And the good news are that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on creams or other cosmetics.
Plants based bath

¼ cup of salvia dried leaves

¼ cup of rosemary dried leaves
2 teaspoons of oat
2 tablespoons of parsley
2 teaspoons of bath crystals
How to prepare :
Mix the ingredients and put them in a textile bag. Hang the bag on the tap so that the water flows over it. Fill the tub with hot water and relax!!!
Enjoy the wonderful effects of plants. You’ll soon notice that you are no longer tired (the effect of rosemary), that you can better concentrate (the effect of salvia); you’ll get hydrating water for your skin (oat) and benefic effects for your body (parsley).
Best Way To Take a Bath Using Natural Plants

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