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Forget About Itchy And Irritated Skin With These 5 Home Remedies

There are many persons that suffer when their skin is irritated. Pollution, high temperatures, the sun, insect stings may irritate your skin, but also the use of different cosmetics or cosmetic procedures.
However they provoke discomfort and give an unaesthetic aspect. There are situations when the  irritation is visible because the skin is red and inflamed, but it can also be invisible, in which case it actions further on. First of all you should establish what causes provoke your irritation; you may use cleaning products that irritate you skin or even cosmetic procedures, such as peeling, sauna, depilation products that affect your skin. And never forget about stress!!!
But the good news are that you can treat irritation at home !

Thermal or mineral  water
 Apply mineral water on the affected areas. You’ll immediately notice that it diminishes itching because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Thermal water has also calming properties.  Apply it on the affected areas and let it dry.
Vegetal oils
Olive oil is very effective when you deal with itching, or with many other skin problems. Because pure oil does not contain additives you don’t have to worry about causing other irritations.
For instance, you may try some neem oil mixed with salt. It is a very good remedy against acne.
Natural masks
Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A and C, and antioxidants that are very efficient for having a healthy and beautiful face skin. Tomato masks have the properties of a natural astringent and reduce sebum. If you are dealing with minor irritations, apply the tomato pulp on the affected areas and let it stay for maximum one hour. Use lukewarm water to clean your face.
Tea in cases of burns
Black tea may be very helpful in cases of minor burns. Because of the nutrients it contains, it reduces the inflammation of the blood-vessels and stimulates skin regeneration. Apply on the affected areas compresses with cold tea. Green tea can also be recommended in such cases.
Virginia hamamelis
This plant can be used in various cases. It is very useful for treating insects bites or even corns. It has been proved that is very benefic for persons that suffer of Psoriasis or who have eczema.
However use this plant if you want to take care and clean your face skin, because it is a very good natural astringent.
Among the best known ingredients and substances that are efficient when it comes to irritation can be mentioned acetylsalicylic acid, aloe vera juice, chamomile, green tea and black tea, ground nut extract, oat extract, Primula oil, honey etc.
Forget About Itchy And Irritated Skin With These 5 Home Remedies

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