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Simple Way To Protect Dyed Hair During Summertime

Summer is coming and women prefer light hair colors.
But everyone knows that light colors are very difficult to take care of.
The most preferred colors for summer time are: Nordic brown, red brown, chocolate, honey blonde or blonde.
Before you decide to change you look you have to think first how to regenerate your hair. Hair regeneration will offer you the guaranty that your hair will keep its vitality and shine, it won’t get dry and the color will keep its intensity.
This is what the best stylists in the world advise us

Use shampoo and hair conditioner with special formula for dyed hair, any other alternative will deteriorate pigments. These products are created for daily wash, which is sometimes necessary during summer time.
You don’t want to have oily hair, do you?
Proteins based shampoo. It is very efficient for hair cleaning and regeneration.
Use regularly also a tonic shampoo that will help you have the same blonde color. Keep in mind that strands of blonde hair decolorize at sun. In order to protect their color alternate your normal shampoo with a tonic one.
Do not give up using hair conditioner and treatment for dyed hair. The only products that can maintain your hair soft and shinny are the products special created for dyed hair. For great results use a hair conditioner that actions profoundly and apply weekly a regenerating hair mask.
Cut your hair. This is the first step every time you dye your hair. Hair ends are very important if you decide to change your look and color your hair using blonde.
Protect your hair from sunlight especially during the first 48 hours after hair decoloration, because during this period the hair cuticle is open and capillary fragility reaches its maximum level.
These are the most efficient solutions for protecting your hair. Do not neglect the fact that you have to maintain your hair healthy in order to enjoy its shinny color for a longer period of time.
Simple Way To Protect Dyed Hair During Summertime

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