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What Diseases Can Be Treated Using Polenta

You want to detoxify your organism, to purify your blood and to clean your intestines?
For all the reasons mentioned before, but also for a better digestion, for a good functioning bile and liver you should keep a diet with Polenta.
Incredible, isn’t it?
Beside the fact that it contains few calories, polenta is rich in fiber and  has laxative effect.
The first step would be to replace bread with polenta.

Another effect of this “specialty”  is that it reduces acidity and calms stomachache. You can use it if you want to prevent ulcer. Moreover, if you want to lose weight and to prevent obesity it is also effective, because it gives you the sensation you have eaten enough.
If you include it in your daily routine it will regulate glucose in your bloodstream, it will keep the cholesterol levels under control, it diminishes the risks of cardiovascular diseases, it helps reducing rheumatic pains and it is also indicated for that annoying period of the month.
Cataplasm with polenta may also be very efficient if you got a cold.
You need towel, that you have to put on your chest; over it put some hot polenta. Let it stay for a half an hour and you’ll notice that you can breathe easier and coughing will go away.
It is also very good if you feel sleepy and you want to reinvigorate your organism after overwork.
What Diseases Can Be Treated Using Polenta

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